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After A Juice Cleanse (What Not To Do)
Knowing what not to do after a juice-only diet is as important as any other aspect of the juice cleanse. For me, coming off my juicing program was physically and emotionally difficult. I’d felt good on it, and it had protected me from my own bad habits. I wanted to stay on it, even though I was ‘done’ with it on many levels. I felt vulnerable about eating solid foods again, and making wrong [...]
After A Juice Cleanse (What To Do)
Once you are ready to stop your juice cleanse, it’s important to know what to do after a juice-only diet. Ending the program the right way is crucial. If you don’t discipline yourself during this transitional phase, you will undo all the benefits you have gained. Count on this phase lasting 3 or 4 days. Slowly reintroduce solid foods so your digestive system has time to reprogram, and so it [...]
If you don’t own a juicer, you need to buy one. Old juicers don’t always extract maximum juice. With the price of food, this adds up and costs you. If you are serious about juicing, and own an old model, evaluate if it’s time to buy a new one. When I started juicing, I used a juicer we purchased five years ago. It worked, but the soggy pulp was saturated with juice the machine didn’t [...]
Juicing Benefits
Juicing benefits are unlimited, and can be nothing short of miraculous. The benefits of a juice cleanse. I intend to make juicing a regular part of my lifestyle. There is no other way to get a new lease on life in 60 days or less. It’s a means of rejuvenation that fits our concept of the Fountain of Youth. There are juicing benefits everyone will enjoy, such as detoxing, losing weight and [...]
Juicing for Weight Loss
Juicing for weight loss can yield amazing results, but you need to heed a few tips and tricks to ensure lasting success. Joe Cross, mastermind behind Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, is an inspiration in the juice cleanse community. Joe was 100 lbs overweight, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, and was on medication. After 60 days juicing, he’d lost 85 lbs and was medication-free. Phil Staples [...]
Juicing Recipes
There are countless juicing recipes, and very few rules. I will share a few of my favorites here. I encourage you to create your own. Don’t be afraid to explore. As long as you are using fruits and vegetables you like, you can’t go wrong. You may want to do some research and learn which vegetables and fruits are known to supply certain health benefits, or are beneficial to which organs. For [...]
Juice Fasting
Juice fasting is when you live solely from the liquefied form of fruits and vegetables. A juice fast can last for a day or for months. If you juice for more than 60 days, consult a nutrition expert. Consider adding protein powder and multi-vitamins if you intend to juice for longer than a few days. A juice fasting diet is within almost everyone’s budget. Farmers markets are excellent locations [...]
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